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Spyce combines engineering excellence with culinary recipes for a new form of fast food

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Robotics meets fast food
Wednesday, 23 May, 2018 – 13:06 | No Comment

Spyce combines engineering excellence with culinary recipes for a new form of fast food

Sinners and Saints of Social Media
Wednesday, 14 Nov, 2012 – 6:52 | No Comment

Excellent and insightful presentation from @missrogue on what reallly works and what doesn’t in the world of social media, creatively organised by sins and virtues.

Content Curation solutions to disrupt online research
Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2012 – 15:03 | No Comment

I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

What type of Prosumer are you?
Tuesday, 26 Jun, 2012 – 11:47 | 9 Comments

Euro’s Prosumer report is an excellent article that describes the attributes of lead consumers

Download from here

Prosumer Quiz Image

See what type of Prosumer are you here

Vending Machine – Facial Recognition
Sunday, 23 Jan, 2011 – 7:22 | No Comment

Kraft has invented a vending machine that analyses your face to predict what you want to eat.

It combines facial recognition with a fuzzy logic algorithm that suggests meal solutions via recipes, shopping instructions and even provides food samples. While you operate the touchscreen on Kraft’s “Meal Planning Solution”, a camera analyses your face to determine your age and gender, the better to anticipate what you want to eat.

Social Entertainment
Thursday, 20 Jan, 2011 – 14:39 | No Comment

We’ve been talking to clients a lot recently about the changing  “content exchange” and in particular the challenges of harnessing community content.

This presentation looks at the way the web is being “packaged” and rold in the form of “Social Entertainment”, complete with some informative research.

Thursday, 20 Jan, 2011 – 13:59 | No Comment

BRITA’s mygreenbottle pledge widget- a good example of inviting consumer participation into the cause of reusable bottled water.

5 tips for adding Video into your Digital Strategy
Monday, 6 Dec, 2010 – 14:09 | One Comment

I have often discussed the growing demand for watching videos over the internet, so it was with interest that I read the recently published statistics from comScore.

The following chart shows the population reach, and some key viewing statistics by country which was releasd to support the launch of their Video Metrics service

comScore Video Metrics by country April 2010

comScore Video Metrics by country April 2010

RTA – new live traffic site
Monday, 13 Sep, 2010 – 9:48 | One Comment

The RTA has launched a new live traffic site that incorporates map planning

RTA live traffic

Also included is the ability to incorporate a widget of the site like as shown here

It’s great that government organisations are recognising the value that they can provide to consumers online, which in return should help their ability to manage traffic conditions. Let’s hope a mobile version isn’t far away.