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Spyce combines engineering excellence with culinary recipes for a new form of fast food

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Converse Domaination – Disruptive Adwords
Monday, 20 Dec, 2010 – 16:48 | No Comment

Here’s an example of a great campaign from Anomaly known as Converse Domaination.
It’s cool because it’s conversational, clever, cost effective, and relevant to the audience.

Converse Domaination from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

What do you think?

Augmented Reality – using Webcam
Friday, 6 Aug, 2010 – 11:49 | No Comment

Oddcast has teamed up with Pointroll to create this cool Augmented Reality service which is driven from your webcam.

It’s called Get Me In The Head and although the performance is a little slow it’s still pretty cool

This video shows the features in case you don’t have a webcam.

Ikea’s clever Facebook campaign
Friday, 27 Nov, 2009 – 5:31 | No Comment

Sweden is known for it’s innovation which not only expresses itself in design, but also in creative campaigns.

Agency Forsman and Bodenfors decided to use one of Facebook’s built in features of “Tagging” to get the word out about Ikea’s Malmo store opening.  First, they created a Facebook profile for the store manager, Gordon Gustavsson. Then, over the next two weeks, uploaded images from of IKEA showrooms to his Facebook photo album.

Social Media traffic catches Search
Thursday, 26 Nov, 2009 – 14:29 | One Comment

Alan Long, Research Director for Hitwise reports that Social Media Traffic in Australia has nearly caught Search as depicted by the following chart.

Hitwise - social media v search

Top 10 Social Networks in Australia are shown here, dominated by Facebook which boasts over 8 million Australians.


The net affect is that companies need more than ever to develop a strategy for Listening and Engaging with these networks so that they have the ability to influence consumers.

Social Media ROI
Thursday, 19 Nov, 2009 – 11:05 | No Comment

Here’s an updated video from the team at Socialnomics which includes some great examples of how social media is used to deliver real business results.

Relationships help sell Social Media
Tuesday, 10 Nov, 2009 – 13:22 | No Comment

It’s surprising giving the hype surrounding Social Media, that it’s still quite a challenge to sell the adoption of social media to organisations.

There are many obstacles that stand in the way of running social media campaigns such as hurdle

  • Risks associated with open conversations
  • Non existant Internal policies covering social media engagement
  • Lack of internal communication of social media engagement policies
  • Perceived lack of metrics
  • Clarity of roles for managing the campaign
The Pirate’s Dilmemma
Tuesday, 22 Sep, 2009 – 11:17 | One Comment

There is still lots of debate surrounding digital piracy.

Matt Mason’s new book “The Pirate’s Dilemma” addresses the issue of piracy demonstrating how piracy helped to evolve Hollywood prior to the existance of the internet. His book describes how piracy is an important source of innovation, and he describes how piracy can be used to effectively spread ideas. In doing so, Matt suggests how piracy itself can be leveraged as a valid business model.

Here’s a video of Matt talking about how youth culture is reinventing capitalism.