I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

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2011 Mobile in Review

In 2011, the mobile space saw profound growth and a vast array of new wireless innovations and services emerge.  Here’s a great video from mobile future looking at the major accomplishments and ground-breaking developments in the wireless space this yeardeo from Mobile Future

Facebook Places

Facebook Places announced their new location based service which will bring Foursquare functionality to the masses.

Here’s their video explaining the features.

Foursquare is experiencing record Signups following the launch of Facebook Places -

Everything is a game

Great presentation by Jesse Schell called  “Design outside the Box”

It provides some profound insight into how everyday life is becoming a game

Changing Media Landscape

The Economist has published this video which contains a series of interesting statistics about the changing media landscape.

economist-statsWhilst the stats are US focused, they are representative of the changes that are occuring across the globe.

Personalised Soccer Commentary

Be a Football Hero allows you to create a personalised audio commentary.

Select your name, country, and age, and then listen to the professional soccer (football) commentary of yourself performing the ultimate football heroics.


If you like what you hear, you can order the soundtrack as a CD for 14.99 pounds.

The soundtrack is very realistic, and you get to hear your surname and age as you score the match winning goal in the dying minutes.

CrunchPad – tablet pc

Looking like a big brother to the iPhone, the CrunchPad tablet PC  from Techcrunch is likely to shake up the tablet computing market.



At 18 mm thick, the tablet only works when connected to the internet.  The device takes advantage of clever touch protocols that make for efficient and pleasant consuming of content.  Rumoured to be priced at around US$300, the device could become a widely adopted method for reading online content.

Tweetreel – Video from Iphone

Since Apple’s release of the iphone 3GS, there has been lots of discussion around the various tools and applications that will help deliver video content from the phones directly to social networks and to the web.

Tweetreel is one such application seen here in use with video stream from the Michael Jackson memorial

Techcrunch also reports of Facebook’s new iphone app which looks set to amplify the delivery of content from iphones to Facebook.

Seven Eleven’s cool iphone app with coupons

7-Eleven in Sweden has released an iPhone app, that no only includes a 7/11 store locator, but also includes coupons for free coffee and biscuits.  Users key in their phone number and then the unique coupons (that are only valide once) are delivered to the iPhone.  April’s free coffee coupons will be followed by free ice cream in May.


Stockholm-based digital agency Lonely Duck developed the application and it had 2500 downloads in it’s first week.

Mobile phones, banking and online shopping

imageA recent study from Unisys found that 7% of 1200 surveyed Australians currently used their mobiles for web transactions.

The study was part of a global study of over 13,000 participants across 14 countries.   59% said they would not trust their mobile devices to provide a secure transaction

Online transactions using mobiles are gradually overcoming concerns about security in much the same way consumers exercised caution before embracing web based transactions.

9 out of 10 of mobile web users are male

imageMobile browser Opera have released a demographic report which shows that 88% of their users are male.  14.7 million people used Opera Mini in May 2008, which is a 24.6% increase on the March 2008 numbers.

Their user base is also most popular in the 18-27 year old demographic.

2.9 billion pages were viewed in May, with an average of 200 pages per person.
This graph shows the increase in page views over the last 2 years.