I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

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Social network insights

Commuispace has released a study titled Meeting Business Needs by Meeting Social Needs, which examines the 6 social needs that people seek in social networks.

1. Expressing personal identity: online social networks provide people with the ultimate tool for defining and redefining themselves, as evidenced in profile pages on Facebook and MySpace.

2. Status and self-esteem: the need for autonomy, recognition and achievement are essential to our sense of self-worth and are fulfilled in online communities, blogs, and social networks that provide a way to develop and manage a virtual reputation.

Cookie’s social crumble

Your client makes biscuits, and their slogan is “Connect with Cookies”.  You know tv is dying and want to make a name for yourself trying something new and hip.  So you come up with the idea to create a social network around the connecting theme.

This is what Pepperidge Farm’s agency has just done with the creation of the Art of the Cookie website.   Whilst the NY times seems to love the idea, I think it is very poorly executed.

Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame, talks with The Trend Junkie about building the Wine Community, transparency and the acqusition of Cork’d.

It’s an insightful video full of excellent advice for people wanting to start a community.

Honda TV

We have often mentioned the car segment as one of the best categories suited to “long format” advertising. If you are in the market for a particular make of car, you really want a more detailed engagement than what can be delivered in a 30 second spot.

So it’s no surprise to us that Honda have today launched an Internet TV channel (which will soon be linked to Honda’s UK site) which will deliver on-demand delivery of the company’s films and video content including Honda racing, driving tips and advertisements. Included in the short films section will be a feature on ASIMO (Honda’s humanoid robot), who will also feature as the host of the tv channel.

Eat clean

Cleanscores is a new site which links Google maps with the cleanliness of a restaurant rating.


It’s currently reviewing restaurants in LA and San Francisco and is indicative of a trend towards empowering consumers to rate products and services. I expect to see more and more consumable items being both reviewed and commented online, providing assistance to would-be purchasers.

8 trends of News & Social networks

Dave Morgan has written a commentary of what he sees the news industry will become by 2020. It got me thinking about the convergence of traditional news channels, social media and consumer generated content, as well as the continued blurring of lines between advertising and content.

It’s a topic I enjoy, and to add to the conversation, I have tried to summarise the key trends that are emerging that I predict will change the news landscape forever.

Open Social .. explained

There has been much discussion in the last few days about Google’s Open Social standard. For many, it’s hard to grasp the significance, or deduce what does it all mean for me and my brand.

I love Jeremiah Owyang’s post which explains the new standard in a simple to understand way, sectioned by What is it, Opportunities, Challenges and Next Steps.

I encourage everyone who has an interest in social networks to read his post.

Everyone’s related

Social networks continue to gain in popularity, and it’s no surprise that niche social networks have started to emerge.

Take Geni .. the social network aimed at family relatives. It has an extremely nice family tree interface, which lets you add in your relatives. Pretty soon, those relatives add their relatives .. and the tree grows. My tree started with about 10 people and within 2 weeks now has nearly 100 entries. (only the first 10 were added by me).

Power of Social Media

The Wall Street Journal has written an excellent article on the new forces at work in the Social Media space.

Take a look through these unknown writers and directors who now carry significant influence!


Perspective: It used to be the case that famous people offline, generated a lot of interest online, but now fame and influence can and is coming from the online world to the offline world.