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Phone to printer business

As mobile phones begin to play more of a role in the management of business documents, the very screen size of the phone means that unless you are easily able to print documents, you will continue to carry your laptops on the road.

Hewlett Packard
, who’s very business stems from selling printers and ink cartridges have tackled this problem by providing a mobile phone to print service.

The service first requires users print documents to HP servers, which assigns the document a unique number, and transmits it to your cell phone for future management including printing, sharing or storing.

Perspective: As the world moves to store more of it’s information online, the need to share the information will change from a “desktop to email” sharing process, that sends the whole document, to one of sending the document id (or link) which enables the receiver to retrieve the information being sent. Technology to both store documents to an internet drive and send links to these documents have been in existence for at least 2 years. However, I think as the mobile phone evolves into a personal information device, we will start to see an increase in smart ways to communicate, discuss and store ideas and thoughts.

via NYtimes


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