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Frontiering is a boutique agency specialising in Social Media Marketing

The last few years has seen a big shift in media, that has given consumers an unprecedented ability to share their opinions.  These open conversations encourage and connect people are known as Social Media.

Our Mission – To design and implement conversational hubs whose social interaction provide a mutual value to organisations and consumers.
Our Tag Line – “Listen, Engage, Influence“  describes our approach to Social Media Marketing, which are organised along the following service lines.

Digital Strategy
- Research & Planning
- Social Media strategy
- Training workshops

Social Media Listening
- Social Media Audits
- Monitoring of online conversations
- Social Media Integration

Social Media Engagement
- Policy
- Engagement integration
- Corporate / brand  blogs
- Tracking and measurement of engagement
- Development of conversational hubs
- Social Media Press Release
- Crisis response
- Establishing social media presence

Social Media Influence
- Word of mouth programs to influence conversations
- Loyalty and Testimonial programs
- Social Media seeding
- Consumer generated content based campaigns
- Campaign metrics