I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

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Consumer Generated Football team

Proving that you really can let your consumers own and manage your brand .. even if it’s a football (or Soccer) team, My Football Club is attempting to buy an English soccer team.

Anyone can signup to own a share in the team for 35 pounds, and each member gets a vote in how the club is run, what players are selected etc.

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Open Source Movies

Director Alex Jovy has come up with a novel way to get the masses to come out and see his next film: he’s inviting them to be part of the film-
making process.

is a collaborative idea where anyone can audition online, vote for casting or invest. Alex has raised 120K pounds of a planned 1.2 million, and you can invest even if yuou only have 10 pounds. You can read a Synopsis of the film, which has a working title of “The Flirting Club”.