I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

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Real Weather applied to Wii game

Wii’s NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, will soon include a mini-game called A-list that will utilise Wii’s Weather channel to incorporate real weather into the game’s play.


Perspective: Whilst this is a cool feature for a game, I can see this technology being used by computer controlled houses to alter lighting, update shopping lists, display pictures to remind younger kids of what to wear, etc.

DIY Video Channels

Now that Youtube has gained acceptance across the world as video sharing site, it’s no surprise that companies are creating tools to assist content producers in establishing their own video collections.

Learn english words and Feed the hungray

FreeRice is a clever website that donates 10 grams of rice every time you correctly answer an english word defintion. So in principle, you expand your english vocabulary and feed the hungray at the same time.

free rice

Perspective: I think “Not for profits” are succeeding in leveraging the demand to help global issues, by both producing engaging sites. The combination of these reasons produce a powerful incentive for people to spread the site through word of mouth / mouse to others.

via CTV.ca

Salesforce.com ask’s the audience

Salesforce.com have set up an ideas section within their site that runs like Digg. That is, the most popular ideas float to the top.
Software companies have been running user forums for many years, and typically the customers with the highest budgets got to dictate the priority of development releases. Whilst it is important to look after your best customers, this new site allows for anyone to suggest a new idea or enhancement for the product.


What are you wearing?

Magazine publisher CondéNet, who purchased the application “What are you wearing?” earlier this year, has found success linking the application to Facebook reports Media Week.

The application allows you to tell your network of friends what brands of clothes you are wearing. Already, 90,000 users have added it to their facebook accounts and it is growing at 1,000 per day. Today’s most popular brand is Zara, which the following people are wearing.

Get the look

Gossip Girl, a new tv show that premiered this week on CW, has taken brand integration to the next level by allowing people to purchase the clothes featured on each episode.

“With our audience, we know fashion is very much at the top of their minds,” says Rick Haskins, executive vice president of marketing and brand strategy for the CW.


Consumers can browse by character, brand, product or episode. Here’s a couple of items you can purchase.


Democratising the ball

I can’t claim to be a Baseball fan, but I love to talk about campaigns that let consumers have a real say in determining an outcome.
And that’s exactly what Marc Ecko is doing with the Barry Bond’s baseball that broke the number of home run records .. 756 to be precise.


You can even join the conversation on Youtube and Myspace

Perspective: The competition is pretty simple, but given the 10,010,552 votes so far, it’s sure to generate over 756 thousand conversations! Are your giving your consumers a reason to experience and talk about your brand?

Sharing a ride

IsAnyOneGoingTo.com launched in this year in the UK, and allows users to register their name, town or postcode, and then a photograph of themselves and/or their vehicles and a short description of themselves. They also pick one of three categories that suits their travel needs which are best—leisure, business or student, and then enter their travel requirements.

Other members can then search the site and communicate through Skype or e-mail to arrange travel and divide the costs before meeting. Over ten thousand members have already registered with the free site.

Fantastic 4 – Flame on

Here’s a clever web initiative, called Flameonwebcam, designed to help market the Fantastic Four movie.

The site provides the ability to record a brief message using your webcam, but the recording adds a flame effect to any movement which creatively links the viral to the movie.

Here’s a samplethat I created. You can send the link to your friends, or embed the video in your own site or social network.


Melbourne’s word on the street

In an attempt to attract young people, Leader Newspapers (owned by Newscorp) has created a local search site called Nook.

The site is intended to be a lot more than just local search, allowing users to join the conversation and write about local venues such as restaurants, review local tradesmen, as well as discuss local issues.

There are no ads on the site yet, but there’s little doubt that the site will start to run ads once the content and audience numbers grow.