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Cookie’s social crumble
Wednesday, 28 Nov, 2007 – 11:16 | No Comment

Your client makes biscuits, and their slogan is “Connect with Cookies”.  You know tv is dying and want to make a name for yourself trying something new and hip.  So you come up with the idea to create a social network around the connecting theme.

This is what Pepperidge Farm’s agency has just done with the creation of the Art of the Cookie website.   Whilst the NY times seems to love the idea, I think it is very poorly executed.

Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk
Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2007 – 16:53 | No Comment

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame, talks with The Trend Junkie about building the Wine Community, transparency and the acqusition of Cork’d.

It’s an insightful video full of excellent advice for people wanting to start a community.

Honda TV
Monday, 26 Nov, 2007 – 10:51 | No Comment

We have often mentioned the car segment as one of the best categories suited to “long format” advertising. If you are in the market for a particular make of car, you really want a more detailed engagement than what can be delivered in a 30 second spot.

So it’s no surprise to us that Honda have today launched an Internet TV channel (which will soon be linked to Honda’s UK site) which will deliver on-demand delivery of the company’s films and video content including Honda racing, driving tips and advertisements. Included in the short films section will be a feature on ASIMO (Honda’s humanoid robot), who will also feature as the host of the tv channel.

8 trends of News & Social networks
Wednesday, 14 Nov, 2007 – 9:41 | No Comment

Dave Morgan has written a commentary of what he sees the news industry will become by 2020. It got me thinking about the convergence of traditional news channels, social media and consumer generated content, as well as the continued blurring of lines between advertising and content.

It’s a topic I enjoy, and to add to the conversation, I have tried to summarise the key trends that are emerging that I predict will change the news landscape forever.

Open Social .. explained
Tuesday, 6 Nov, 2007 – 10:57 | One Comment

There has been much discussion in the last few days about Google’s Open Social standard. For many, it’s hard to grasp the significance, or deduce what does it all mean for me and my brand.

I love Jeremiah Owyang’s post which explains the new standard in a simple to understand way, sectioned by What is it, Opportunities, Challenges and Next Steps.

I encourage everyone who has an interest in social networks to read his post.

Monday, 5 Nov, 2007 – 13:53 | One Comment

Gooruze is a social network for online marketing.

Nearly 1000 members have already writtern 176 articles, joined one of the 50+ groups on subjects such as Social Media, Advertising Metrics, and Search engine marketing.

I like the way the site is laid out, and have already found it useful.


Perspective: Often in social networks, the people who are claiming to give advice in this area are not actively involved themselves. This is a little like buying financial advice from someone who doesn’t actively invest themselves.  So I would encourage anyone in the Online Marketing industry to get involved in Gooruze.

Yourstreet’s news by maps
Tuesday, 30 Oct, 2007 – 13:48 | No Comment

Yourstreet, which will officially launch tomorrow has created something of value by plotting news and discussions from various major news sources, as well as providing the environment for discussion.


I organise a street party every year as a way to keep in touch with the neighbours, and it certainly helps create a sense of localised community.
I think this is where Yourstreet may be onto something. Afterall, who isn’t interested in a view of news of the street where you live or work.
How better to get a community group to voice opposition or support to planned developments.

Ring through your updates
Monday, 29 Oct, 2007 – 11:53 | No Comment

SpinVox which offers technology to convert audio to text, will soon be offering users of facebook the option to dial a number and then dictate updates which are then converted to text and posted to your profile.


Perspective: I first trialled text to voice technology in the mid 90’s as a potential solution for busy on the road sales reps to connect with email conversations. The technology has improved since then, and Spinvox seems to have found several applications for it’s tool. For instance, Lawyers use the tool to enable them to “read” their audio to text converted voice mails in court. Transcribing of podcasts might be another application. It will be interesting to see the take up of SpinVox facebook service.

What are you wearing?
Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2007 – 14:58 | No Comment

Magazine publisher CondéNet, who purchased the application “What are you wearing?” earlier this year, has found success linking the application to Facebook reports Media Week.

The application allows you to tell your network of friends what brands of clothes you are wearing. Already, 90,000 users have added it to their facebook accounts and it is growing at 1,000 per day. Today’s most popular brand is Zara, which the following people are wearing.

Social Media spend set to increase
Monday, 22 Oct, 2007 – 9:40 | No Comment

Marketing Spending on social media will surpass traditional marketing spend by the end of 2012, according to a study conducted by TWI Surveys, writes New Communications Review.

260 senior PR and Marketing Communications professionals were surveyed and the results surprised even me.

– 81% of survey respondents said they will spend at least as much on conversational marketing as traditional marketing by 2012.
– Two-thirds of respondents plan to increase their spending on conversational marketing in the next 12 months.