I’m starting to see an increase in announcements of content management solutions which are packaging up content curation functionality, The functionality allows content editors to search for content sources around a particular topic, and provide various automation techniques to the way these sources are filtered, and presented in an aggregated publication.

The automation tools are improving and are already starting to exert a disruptive influence on the process of collecting online research.

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3.5 billion wom conversations

People are continuing to talk about brands, and a recent Mediapost  article by Jack Loechner suggests that there are 3.5 billion word of mouth conversations every day in the US alone.

Whilst 90% of these conversations take place offline, that still means that 350 million discussions are happening daily.  Can you afford not to start listening?

Learn english words and Feed the hungray

FreeRice is a clever website that donates 10 grams of rice every time you correctly answer an english word defintion. So in principle, you expand your english vocabulary and feed the hungray at the same time.

free rice

Perspective: I think “Not for profits” are succeeding in leveraging the demand to help global issues, by both producing engaging sites. The combination of these reasons produce a powerful incentive for people to spread the site through word of mouth / mouse to others.

via CTV.ca

Word of Mouth checklist

Perhaps because alcohol products have had greater restrictions advertising on mainstream channels and therefore have had more time to experiment with other levers. But it is now more evident with the announcement that Jim Beam’s CMO Rory Finlay is committed to refocusing it’s advertising budget into activities aimed at generating Word of mouth.

Word of mouth marketing is not new. It started around the camp-fire when people debated over what were the best hunting tools, and conversations continued into market places where trade flourished. But since the invention of the TV, which radically changed the way brands spoke to consumers, many big brands have either forgotten or ignored the levers that drive word of mouth marketing.

WOM used to revive a brand

So you’ve taken over a leading beer brand from the 50s, 60s and 70s which now has earnt the nickname “Nasty Gansett”.
How do you resurrect a brand when you don’t have a large bucket of cash to throw at the usual advertising channels?


Personalised Dolls

Here’s another example of personalising a product .. this time Dolls.


The company was created after a couple created Dolls of themselves to help their daughter adjust to day care. The idea spread through word of mouth, and now Tiny Pocket People ships dolls all over the world.

Perspective: This is a great concept. I wonder why they don’t sell kits so that you can “make your own” doll … perhaps that is one for the patchwork quilting industry to run with. Perhaps the next version should include a small mp3 player that plays pre-recorded sounds of the person the doll is modelled on.

GPS lead rental tour


Most major cities seem to offer tours in large often open topped double decker buses, in London you can even go on amphibion ducktours which can go in the river as well as on the road.

But Gocars SF have taken a different approach and offer funky 3 wheel moped cars with an automated GPS, complete with a voice tour. They have expanded to San Diego and also Miami . .and you can buy your own franchise for around USD 50K-100K.

Word of Mouth for selling Stoves

Dave Dal Molin interviewed me recently for this article that appeared in the Shanghai Business Times http://www.sbr.net.cn/

He was exploring how Word of Mouth could be used in cities with limited tv coverages.

Have a read of what Dave found about the Stove Guys.

In order to understand why sales growth was flat, Hebei Guanglei, a manufacturer of coal-burning stoves for heating homes, sent out a research team to investigate the largest market for its products — the Chinese countryside. The team, led by Beijing-based marketing consultancy Velev, visited over 600 rural families in four different provinces.

Rolling the “words of mouth”

Here’s a clever way to use your consumers to market your product to their friends.
You provide them with a simple widget that they can paste into their Myspace page which provides them with active content on a subject they are passionate about.

That’s exactly what Roller Warehouse have done with this Rolling News Widget. The news widget scrolls current Roller Skating News from the Aggressive Skate Blog.

As an additional incentive, consumers who post this Widget on their Myspace are entitled to a 5% discount.

Opening the box

So often companies neglect one of the most important parts of a sales cycle, and that is the moment after purchase when the consumer actually opens the box !

Excitement or Disappointment ?

Who can forget the electronic Christmas presents that are unboxed without batteries included.

Now there is a blog dedicated to capturing and sharing “unboxing” moments. Unboxing.com is full of positive and negative examples which manufacturers would do well to consume.

Consumer Generated Games

Tayfun King from the BBC writes an excellent article on how game development is evolving to include provisions for Consumer Generated Content.


Perspective: Game development is costing upwards of US$20 million, so it makes sense to tap into Consumers to create content which reduces costs. However, I think the big positive is to extend the games life and spread the games usage through word of mouth.