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If you are going to think Big, do it right !

In contrast to my recent post about the small Blowfly brewery, Carlton United Breweries (Fosters) have created a big advertisement that is continuing it’s current theme of recognizing that consumers are wise to the same old ads.

Whilst this ad would have cost a packet, it did get many things right.
Firstly, it plays to an educated audience that recognises that beer is beer. Secondly, the ad is entertaining and draws on inner male passions by combining the themes of a ‘Brave Heart meets Lord of the Rings’ style cinematography that will appeal to most of the Australian beer drinker audience.

Whilst the ad will no doubt be shown on television, Fosters have created a specific ‘Big Ad’ website for the ad to assist with it’s obvious viral charm.

So the message here is this, If you are going to spend big money on advertising, make sure that your message can be heard above the constant marketing flow of demands for attention!