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Enlighten me

Virgin mobile have released a Parential Enlightenment kit, aimed at providing tools that kids need to convince their parents that they need a mobile phone! It contains powerpoints, email suggestions, wallpapers to place on the home pc, and other techniques kids can use which makes for an amusing read.

Marketing, selling and particularly “Word of mouth” can definately be helped by ensuring the right tools are available for consumers, but many of us are focused only only providing these tools to our paid salesforce.

Make sure you don’t forget your unpaid consumer sales teams!

Talk about Outrageous

When was the last time you experienced something so positively outrageous that you just had to tell someone. And the associated story would not be told just once, it would be told to lots of people at lots of occasions.

Some examples?
Nordstrom the US department store once gave an elderly lady a refund for a tire … which is incredible because Nordstrom don’t carry car tyres !
This story was made famous by Tom Peters.
A FedEx employee after discovering that a package was left on the airport tarmac rented a helicopter and delivered the package personally. $2000 well spent considering the associated publicity.

What can you do this week that is so outrageous, that it will generate positive consumer generated media?

Open Source Advertising

Here’s an example of a move towards “open source marketing”. Geico’s Golden Gecko are running a contest which people are asked to submit a 15 second trailer featuring the Golden Gecko. First prize is a $5,000 holiday to Hawaii. The conditions state that all submissions become the property of Geico, so it would be able to broadcast any entries via mass media.

I think this trend will continue, and one day we may even see companies providing creative briefs to their own customers, including making available any creatives or copies that should be included. The community would then work on delivering concepts which would be put back to the community for ratings.

Open source Publish-ity is changing the playing field for writers providing a complete publishing, printing and selling tool for writers ! It even manages the selling of your material in digital format!

This should help reduce the life cycle of many books and also provide a clever promotional outlet for many writers!

Local Journalism heats up

Sites specifically built around a local community are gathering popularity as the tools that allow self publishing of articles, photos are the like become mainstream.

2 examples are Backfence, and ibrattleboro

As broadband penetration reaches critical mass, it is not surprising that people are turning to the web as a place of community news. Most importantly, both of the examples above include a ratings process which rates articles, and local businesses.

What amazes me, is why more non-profit organisations such as local councils, hospitals churches and sporting clubs aren’t tapping into this medium to involve their respective community memberships to collaborate, discuss and share ideas?