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Pretty cool site called Springdoo that lets you record audio messaages and then blogpost or email the associated link.

Great for those unable to touchtype, or for Sales Directors that need to motivate 100 staff by sending a 5 min voice mail !

Here’s one I created earlier which after a 2 min registration, which took 20 seconds to record. Have a listen

Clever idea!

Rocketboom auctions Ads for it’s VODCAST

Rocketboom is a hugely successful daily VODCAST with about 130,000 downloads per day.


Today Rocketboom annouced that they would be auctioning Advertising using ebay. Here’s the ebay link.

For the highest bidder, we will create five original, fifteen second (minimum) – one minute (maximum) post-roll commercials that will span five days of programming, Monday-Friday, March 6 through March 10, 2006. Each day that week a different commercial that we create for your company will be played at the conclusion of the Rocketboom episode.

Rocketboom reaches innovators, technological leaders, futurists, trend-watchers, cutting edge internet users and media observers, including bloggers and journalists. Our viewers are international, informed, lifestyle conscious and are the first adopters of technology.

In addition, Rocketboom’s Amanda Congdon will be on the TV show CSI on Feb. 2 which will even further boast the Rocketboom popularity.

This is an example of the changing face of advertising, not just in the use of Ebay, but also because Rocketboom will have control over the ad itself. So that’s like your tv station producing your ad, which is kind of like how the first tv ads were produced. No doubt when the ad airs in March, it will get a lot of coverage on the Blog-s-sphere.

How much would you pay for an Ad?

Great article from Micro Persuasion on ESPN’s failed attempt to sell it’s ads on Itunes.

Opt in advertising as opposed to Interuption advertising is different. For example, consumers are happy to watch a 1 hour show on the world’s funniest or best ads, because they see it as entertainment.

Long format advertising will gain more and more momentum as the cost of ad production continues to reduce, and as brands start to realise the engagement that to engage an “opted in” consumer is different to a 30 second interuption.

BMW New Media

BMW is not only “frontiering” new car developments, but continues to embrace new media.

Already known for new media with their BMW films, BMW now offers a range of PODCASTS and also VODCASTS.

The VODCASTS are mostly PR videos but they will inspire and excite the avid BMW car enthusiast. No doubt soon, these will automatically be delivered to your new BMW.

BMW aren’t the only car marker embracing new media. Honda has placed their new Civic ad online, (nothing special there), but they also placed a very entertaining video / vodcast of how the ad was made!

Update: BMW have just released a new site which will distribute audio books by famous crime writers and will feature BMW cars. Here’s how the site describes the books ..

Put on your seatbelt and prepare for highs, lows and plenty of twists and turns. BMW, in conjunction with Random House, brings you BMW Audio Books, a unique series of specially-commissioned short stories showcasing the work of some of the finest contemporary writing talent. Each gripping tale is yours to download for free and a new book will be available to download every two weeks. Listen to them on your MP3 player, your laptop or ideally, in the car. So sit back, hit play and enjoy the ride.

Motion Capture

Interesting technology ..

Imagine combining your love for bouncing balls and your obsession with taking pictures into one, now it has a name SatuGO. Simply throw SatuGO into the motive to catch the moment, where it hits you get a picture, or take air photos by activating the timer before throwing the SatuGO.


Of interest is how, under the Media and Download link, they provide a complete range of photos and information particularly to help bloggers “spread the word”.