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Point, shoot, flick

Flickr, now owned by Yahoo is probably the worlds leading photo sharing site. One of the frustrations of creating an online album, is the hassle of having to get pictures from your camera or camera phone to your pc, and then uploading them to flickr.

If you have one of these handsets, the problem is solved by a cool application called ShoZo. ShoZo handles the sending of your images, text or video and cleverly is able to continue the upload should the connection ever drop out.
ShoZo recently was a winner in the GSM Association 2006 awards.

Auto-tagging and geo-locations is a feature that is coming soon, and I am sure this will only increase the popularity of photo sharing services like Flickr or Webshots.

New Marketing perspectives? This frontiering technology could easily be used to facilitate entries to competitions such as “send in a photo of you enjoying our product”. A phone manufacturer / Flickr joint promotion .. What better way to demonstrate camera phone features, than to deliver this application with the phone encouraging people to create a Flickr account, which in turn would generate a degree of word of mouth buzz (a real product experience worth talking and showing other people).


A french company called BuzzParadise has just launched. Their aim is to connect influential consumers (bloggers, experts, passionate consumers…). with Brands, helping to design brand communication campaigns, using word of mouth to spread key brand messages. They are hoping to create a platform that allows opinion leaders to take part in VIP events, providing exclusive information or the ability to be the first to test products.

The business model is similar to Bzzagent where lots of consumers are recruited to test and try new products, talk about them and provide feedback to brand owners. However, BuzzParadise states that is seeks the thoughts of “Opinion leaders” or influencers .. which I think is a far more potent strategy, capitialising on word of mouth marketing.

Recruitment of “opinion leaders” can be a difficult and expensive process, but if done correctly, a very powerful extension of a marketing team.

Note: The BuzzParadise website is in French, to view in English, go to Babelfish and paste into the “Translate a webpage” section, and select French to English.
Update: English version now available

via fluido


The L word, a US drama series has initiated a great example of “Open Source Marketing” by engaging their audience to not only get involved with their show, but actually help write the script, and vote on submissions to influence the actual drama itself.

It’s called a “Fanisode” and is described as

where legions of fans are invited to team up with a writer from the show to collectively and democratically script an episode — the “fanisode” — one scene at a time.

Here’s how it works

16,500 votes have already been cast and over 100 scenes created in what i am sure is engaging and helping to build their fan base.

Remember the old campfire game where a group of players sit in a circle taking turns improvising a new passage to a continuing story? Creating a fanisode is like that, except the campfire is encircled by thousands, and voting determines whose passage gets into the story.

Here’s the first winning scene script

It may not be appropriate for all television content, but consumers are definately keen to be more engaged with their content whether through voting (e.g. idol, who wants to be a millionaire, big brother), submitting content (funniest home videos), or in open feedback forums (60 minutes). Productions that fail to engage consumers will continue to lose out to those that allow their audience greater involvement.

Auto Photo-tagging

Tagging is fast becoming a useful navigation technique, and is key feature of sites like, and Flickr. I have even implemented tags using Tagcloud, at the bottom of this blog.

Whilst they help in finding things by allocating meaningful category tags to items, it can be a lot of work to tag each and every image, song, or video with all the possible tags you may or may not use in retrieving them.


Riya has some very interesting technology that is due for beta in a few weeks time. The service can automatically learn to tag your photos, recognising people using face recognition technology, adding data about where the picture was taken, and even identifying the same person from behind by comparing dates of photos and what the person is wearing. To learn more visit

Or you can listen to Richard Giles interview Tara Hunt from Riya, on the Gadget show.

House 4 Cell

Ever driven past a house for sale, right location, nice house, but wondered how to get more information like interior photos, price information?

Yeah … you can write the agent number down and ring them in the morning .. but often we are too busy to follow up.

House4cell is a frontiering application for the Real Estate industry that allows interested buyers to text message a short custom code to a special House4cell phone number. A few seconds later property information such as price, dimensions, and property photos are delivered to your phone. Buyers can even click a button to directly connect to the listing agent via its “click-to-call” function.

With 3G I can imagine streaming video tours would be a logical extension!