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Firefox Winners

Firefox has announced the winners of it’s Firefox flicks competition which I previously blogged about.


The winning entry from Pete Macomber is called Daredevil
and will be short-listed for the NY Festival of Advertising’s 2006 International Advertising Awards in May. This and the runner-up videos will be incorporated into Mozilla’s 2006 marketing activities.

Perspective: This is a great initiative that will continue throughout 2006. When is your marketing team going to invite media submissions from your consumers?

Nuts about it? Blog it

Southwest Airlines have launched a blog abtly named Nuts about Southwest.


From the site
“..Nuts about Southwest is all about our Employees, Customers, airplanes, and airports. We really are Nuts about Southwest and we hope that our Readers will share that passion by posting their own comments.”

They have even put together a User Guide to explain the background, goals and the “rules of engagement”. In January, Southwest also launched an Adopt-a-pilot blog in support of their four-week school program for a hundreds of classrooms across the US.

Perspective: Southwest has been successful largely due to the evangelism of many of it’s customers, evidenced by it’s 60% Net Promoters score, the highest in the US airline industry.
The Nuts about Southwest blog is a clever initiative to reach out to those advocates, and through their conversations, continue to build it’s Customer Loyalty.

3D Sketching

Google has released a new free 3D modeling program called SketchUp.

It’s described as a tool to let “ to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. You can add details, textures and glass to your models, design with dimensional accuracy, and place your finished models in Google Earth”

You can even share them with others by posting them to the 3D Warehouse where I found this image of the RoseBowl Stadium.


Download SkethcUp (free) here.

There is a pro version available for US$495.

Beep beep

Here’s a cool new AJAX application know as Beeplet which allows you to be reminded of things in the future and receive notifications as email, Instant Messanger (coming soon), or as an RSS feed on your site.


Behaviour defeats Contextual

Most critics agree that Behavioural Targeting is more effective than Contextual Targeting, but these results from Adrants show the extent of the effectiveness.

First lets recap on the difference between Behavioural and Contextual Targeting.

Contextual Targeting relates advertising to the context of what content it is associated with. E.g. showing a car advertisement beside a story about new road improvements, or a new tennis racquet in a tennis magazine. Behavioural Targeting relates to the behaviour of the person who is consuming the content. This means that the ads are served up based on the consumer rather than the content which is being consumed.

The study by Next Century Media across 1146 respondents for Panasonic Plasma TV’s gave these results for Behavioural Targeting when compared to Contextual.
1. Behavioural Targeting Reached 50.3% more imminent buyers
2. Behavioural Targeting Cost 50% less to reach the same quantity
3. Behavioural Targeting ads showed a 67.6% higher preference for Panasonic brand
4. A 168.9% advantage in terms of increasing the likelihood of buying the Panasonic brand.
5. 63.1% increase in unaided brand awareness (3.45 x greater than contextual targeting)

Perspective: Whilst these results are impressive for those that favour Behavioural targeting, Contextual Targeting still has a place when you don’t know the behaviour of the person consuming the content. But the advantages of behavioural targeting highlight the point that whether you are recruiting candidates for marketing research, or building a loyalty database, it’s important to gather behavioural data.