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Consumer Soccer Chain video

Nike has created an excellent Consumer Generated site called Nikesoccer.

Consumers upload videos of a ball entering from the left of screen, they can then do a trick or two before kicking or heading the ball to the right of screen. From there the next video takes over in what will become one of the longest Consumer Generated Video chains !

Perspective: Great consumer engagement. Hopefully when the chain gets really long there will be a way to filter the chain to find your own submission !

Hat tip to Angus Florence for pointing me to this site, and also this site from Nike that demonstrates a frontiering way to integrate running with music.

Consumer Generated Games

Tayfun King from the BBC writes an excellent article on how game development is evolving to include provisions for Consumer Generated Content.


Perspective: Game development is costing upwards of US$20 million, so it makes sense to tap into Consumers to create content which reduces costs. However, I think the big positive is to extend the games life and spread the games usage through word of mouth.

Mouse Phone

Finding it hard to store all the peripherals for your computer?

Sony has just launched a product known as MouseTalk, which doubles as a mouse and also a VOIP phone. Very Cool.


via Techcrunch