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Go fetch and tag

Ever felt like you would like a “virtual dog” that you can throw a search term to, and it would return results from several major sources on a single page.

Well, Tagfetch does just that


Perspective: Try searching for your company or brand and you might be amazed at the conversations taking place!

Community Wikis

eBay has launched a wiki (define) to allow any of it’s members to share and edit information about doing business on the site with each other.


The most famous wiki is Wikipedia which maintains incredible consumer generated information about almost anything. Ebay has partnered with Jotspot to produce it’s wiki.

Perspective: eBay has always let it’s members provide support and advice to other members, that’s part of it’s business model. The strong community and it’s rating system work together to ensure content is self moderated. Unlike carefully crafted marketing material, the information is trusted because it’s provided by real people voluntarily.

Soccer Chapel

World Cup fever is well and truely here, and there is some excellent creativity being displayed.


I love this tribute to soccer using the sixteenth chapel for inspiration.
It’s a ceiling painting in the railway station in Cologne. 10 points if you can spot the brand, which is very subtly displayed in the image.


via Advertising for Peanuts

Opening the box

So often companies neglect one of the most important parts of a sales cycle, and that is the moment after purchase when the consumer actually opens the box !

Excitement or Disappointment ?

Who can forget the electronic Christmas presents that are unboxed without batteries included.

Now there is a blog dedicated to capturing and sharing “unboxing” moments. is full of positive and negative examples which manufacturers would do well to consume.

Perspective: Unboxing represents a great opportunity for launching word of mouth .. or detraction. Do you measure this?

Mind the Gap

Using data from the World Bank and the United Nations, Google Labs have launched a pretty cool visual display tool called Gapminder that shows information like population, number of phones per 1000 people by country, by year.

I like the visual presentation of the tool which is an excellent example of presenting information in a meaningful way.