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Power of Social Media

The Wall Street Journal has written an excellent article on the new forces at work in the Social Media space.

Take a look through these unknown writers and directors who now carry significant influence!


Perspective: It used to be the case that famous people offline, generated a lot of interest online, but now fame and influence can and is coming from the online world to the offline world.

Motorola launches Wiki

Motorola has launched a wiki to enable consumers to share information with other consumers.

From the wiki it states …

“Because the possible applications for the Q will always expand, the “ideal” user guide would also be able to grow and change. This wiki is an attempt to do that. It’s a place to capture and share the knowledge of the greater community of Q users. If, for example, you have added a new application to your Q, you could post instructions on how you did it here, for the benefit of all Q users.

This site has been established by Motorola for the use of Q users. It has been seeded with the contents of the in-box user guide. Additional content will be provided by Q users as they explore the Q’s capabilities. ”

Perspective: We think this is a great initiative which recognises that Motorola consumers can indeed help co-write the useability manual for the Q smart phone.

Sony Bravia launches blog

The Sony Bravia Award winning tv advertisement showing the coloured balls bouncing down San Francisco, has launched a supportive blog to chronicle the creation of the follow up ad.


Perspective: Not only does the blog provide additional information for those interested in the making of the famous advertisement, it also provides pictures and information for bloggers to make it easy for them to spread the message about Sony’s Bravia technology.

via Adrants


101 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke + 523 Methos mints = One cool science experiment


These videos are hosted by Revver, which is a consumer generated video site that includes ads and shares the revenue 50/50 with the video creator. In this case there is a Menthos ad at the end which almost summarises the whole essence of the mint.

See the current Menthos Ad which interestingly enough has a guy who sneezes and mistakingly shaves off a little hair from the guy. He ponders the repurcussions until his friend helps him come out clean.

Perspective: Consumers are freely trading their time to watch these videos, and in this case Menthos gets to communicate it’s product while benefiting from the viral aspects.