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Free SMS Widget

Otxt is a new service that has launched offering a free widget that users can place on their Myspace, Blog or Social Network and allow visitors to send you a text message without exposing your actual mobile number.


Otxt seems to only service US mobile carriers.

Perspective: It’s hard to see how Otxt will make money from this service, or whether it will promote Spam txt messages, but the simplicity of the service will appeal. More and more startups are building a business around these type of widgets, in particular the ones feeding the Myspace juggernaut.

Via Mashable

Online video viewing erodes TV

The BBC reports that nearly half of those who are watching online videos are watching less tv.


Perspective: As improved niche content becomes available, as well as faster broadband access this trend will continue. As for the advertising spend currently funding free to air tv, it will also flow across the niche content and in turn make it possible for niche products to advertise alongside niche content. For example, advertising Vietnamese spices alongside or inside a Vietnamese cooking show.