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Weather maps

I came across Weatherbonk yesterday, while doing some research on building a google maps style application for a client.

It’s a very cool site, that tells you the weather forecast using google maps. It even knows to default the map to where you currently are (in my case I am in China this week). You also get live Web Cam feeds from the nearest cameras to your location, and the site shows traffic maps as well. I also love the ability to track weather on a given route .. which would be useful for the transport industry. For golfing or skiing fans, they have sister sites called Golfbonk and Skibonk

Perspective: It’s great to see more and more tools providing first hand information tailored to your needs.

Let your fans advertise your product

It’s not a new concept to have your fans advertise your product, but there have been some frontiering developments that help this process along a little.

Personiva is a case in point.

Their technology allows brands to let their consumers add themselves to an advertisement and then send it to their friends. Already McDonalds, Levi and HP have run campaigns on the platform.

Perspective: It’s a pretty cool concept and will appeal to the larger brands with reasonably sized budgets. It would be nice if they could ad some stock video’s to their range and provide a kind of low cost entry viral tool for smaller brands.

Shespeaks is quite a new site that is aimed at woman.

You signup, complete a questionnaire about your interests, hobbies, what you like and dislikes. The company then matches products with your selections which you receive in 2 to 3 weeks. You keep the product and provide feedback online about the product. You can discuss with other woman who tried the same product, and you get to see what changes are planned for the product before launching to the outside world.

Perspective: Not only does this provide a much better research than focus groups for companies before launching a product, it also captures conversations about new products that can be used to shape the communication’s strategies. In the process consumers gets to have a say over areas they are passionate about.