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Citizen Journalism gets funding, a citizen journalism website has secured $10.6 million in funding. This is proof that citizen journalism is now gaining acceptance as a valid media source.

Nowpublic has 100,000 journalists / bloggers of which many of them are unpaid. Some income is being shared with the journalists when stories are on-sold to other news bureaus. For exmample, this years hurricane storm season is being covered by Nowpublic.


Brody, from Nowpublic states “There’s a need for an army of people everywhere seeing, hearing, and reporting everything that’s going on–like a next-generation Reuters. We realized that the breaking news component would increasingly move away from traditional news organizations, so we’ve set up the technology and we’re fostering the community that allows people to break and interact with the news personally.”

Perspective: It’s not only in the US where Citizen Journalism is taking off. Here in Australia PerthNorg is a great example of how consumer generated news content is added, ranked and edited by readers.

Dinner in the Sky

Here’s a frontiering idea that takes dining with a view to the extreme. It’s called Dinner in the Sky, where consumers have dinner on a table suspended from a crane.



Perspective: This certainly is one way to create a memorable experience. Make sure you don’t need to go to the bathroom mid way through dinner !

via Springwise

My virgin comix

Myspace and Virgin Comix have partnered up to create Coalitioncomix.

Coalition Comix gives users / consumers the ability to partner up with “story master” Mike Carey to create a consumer driven comic book.
Consumer ideas and voting will drive the storyline in a bid to create ground level engagement.

Perspective: It is interesting to see a Myspace site dedicated to consumer generated media, and it is not clear what widgets or sofware will drive the consumer involvment. Nevertheless it is a good play for both Virgin and Myspace … hoping to create a participatory channel for budding comic writers. It will also be interesting to watch niche social networks like Comeeko, which specialises in comic strips in the coming months.

Projectors go 3D

Ever since seeing R2D2 deliver Princess Leia’s 3D image, I have dreamed of the day when delivering presentations could be done in the same way.

Well the EPK Cheoptics 360 has done just that. Check out the video here

Perspective: This brings a whole new range of options for pitching, and one wonders how long it will be until our TV’s will be able to also play things in true 3D. Just like surround sound only visual. (ducks as the helicopter zooms past from behind).

Doodle 4 google

Google in Australia have launched a doodle 4 google competition which encourages school aged kids to design their own Google icon based around an Australian theme.


Consumers will have a chance to vote for their favourite entries, and the overall winner will have their doodle featured on the Google Australia homepage on Australia Day 2008.

Perspective: This is a nice touch by Google to promote their business with schools and also to encourage participatory consumer generated media.

Update: here’s a youtube video of Australian kids talking about the contest