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Yourstreet’s news by maps

Yourstreet, which will officially launch tomorrow has created something of value by plotting news and discussions from various major news sources, as well as providing the environment for discussion.


I organise a street party every year as a way to keep in touch with the neighbours, and it certainly helps create a sense of localised community.
I think this is where Yourstreet may be onto something. Afterall, who isn’t interested in a view of news of the street where you live or work.
How better to get a community group to voice opposition or support to planned developments.

There are other social networks that have emerged specifically targetting local communities such as Life At, which hosts software specifically aimed at Properties such as large inner city living, retirement villages etc.
Meet the Neighbours is also a service aimed at apartment dwellers.

Yourstreet’s contents are focused on US cities, such as New York, Chicago, but will no doubt expand driven by community involvement.

Perspective: I like Yourstreets content, allowing them to create something of a critical mass of information, which so often is a barrier for new startups. As anyone can add news, I can immediately see some opportunities for advertorials. For example, “123 XYZ street just sold for this much”, as a way to promote local real estate. Yourstreet does list the authority of various articles, which presumably could be used to prioritise content based on a reputation indicator. One also wonders why various local search offerings like Yellowpages are not providing localised news to complement their listing services.

Apple Consumer Generated Ad maker

I often use the George Masters advertisement in my presentations as one of the first examples of Consumer Generated Content.

Now here’s another IPOD ad, this time for the IPOD Touch product.

Which was covered by this NY Times article and at the time the article describes the number of Youtube views as 2,131 times.
Just to show that traditional media can still impact new media, that number is now has 273,992 times.

Nick Haley even got to re make his ad with TBWA and it will be broadcast during the world series this weekend!

Perspective: Fans often know your brand best, and this is another example of how they can also create world class promotional material.

Ring through your updates

SpinVox which offers technology to convert audio to text, will soon be offering users of facebook the option to dial a number and then dictate updates which are then converted to text and posted to your profile.


Perspective: I first trialled text to voice technology in the mid 90’s as a potential solution for busy on the road sales reps to connect with email conversations. The technology has improved since then, and Spinvox seems to have found several applications for it’s tool. For instance, Lawyers use the tool to enable them to “read” their audio to text converted voice mails in court. Transcribing of podcasts might be another application. It will be interesting to see the take up of SpinVox facebook service.

via CNET

Web 2.0 summit videos

Many of the presentations that were given at Oreillys Web 2.0 summit are now available online. You can either watch them online or subscribe via Itunes or Miro.

If you haven’t used Miro, it’s a platform that is an open source Internet tv tool built around the ability to subscribe to content in the same way that Itunes works. This means your content is downloaded in the background and available to watch when you want to.

Perspective: It’s good that these presentations have been released, and I think the ability to “subscribe” to video content is going to enable the effective distribution of niche content. This will provide huge choice for consumers, as well as a lot more complexity for marketing communications.

Consumer Generated Virals

Blinkbox is a new site that allows you to customise video clips from your favourite movie, TV show or viral.
You can chose from a range of videos, and then insert your own text which runs on the start of the output video mashup.

The resulting video mashup can be inserted into your website, or you can email the link to your friends.

Blinkbox has contracts with several content producers, which gives them quite a large selection of clips.
The site hopes to monetize this by linking any blinks allowing viewers to rent or purchase the movie or TV show.


Perspective: This is an interesting idea, and linking the success of the site to renting or purchase of the videos will certainly keep the content owners happy. Blinkbox has also chosen to allow a simple mashup of adding text as a pre-roll option. As video editing software becomes easier to use and more available, I think they will need to expand this offering. I also think that Blinkbox should expand their reach by integrating their tool as a Facebook application.