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Guiness book of records goes social

Guinness book of records has just gone social, by adding an online community to their web site.

This will allow record holders, or those who "want to be", as well as fans to share videos, photos, audio and stories. Visitors can also create their own profile page including blog entries.


The site will allow discussion around actual record attempts ahead of the annual book publication. 

The community section is powered by KickApps and Guiness hopes the site will help to identify new record breaking talent.

Here’s an example of a photo submitted by John Evans who in his words says image"Hello, I have been on more Guinness prometime and in the Guinness book in the last 14 years than any other record holder. Go onto Guinness videos and then strongest to see two videos of me car balancing and keg balancing."

Whilst it isn’t evident yet, Guiness could build this community by running online community powered contests.  I’d also like to see them allow members the ability to embed their content in other social networks.

Online picture editor

Fixpicture is a pretty cool online picture editor that runs in Flash or HTML.


Like Picnik it allows you to upload pictures, resize and add effects and will appeal to the growing audience of consumers who what a simple, easy to use free picture editor.

Broad shoulders mobile platform

ChallengeOptimus is a mobile phone company based in Portugal wanting to target young people within a big music festival.  So they came up with a plan to create a unique viewing platform service provided by ten big men.  The service called "broad shoulders" was greatly accepted by the young people in the festival and word quickly spread across the festival.  More people used the "Broad Shoulders" service to get a better view of the concert, search for a lost friend in the crowd.

Why did this work ?
The "Broad Shoulders" service was unique, free, fun, and provided a benefit to people.  It’s no wonder word quickly spread about the service across the festival and ChallengeOptimus’s brand health would have received a boost in the process.

So when you are thinking of reaching a particular audience, think of providing something that is unique and of such benefit that your audience can’t help but spread the word.


Collaborative jigsaw

In the UK Honda has launched a mini-site in support of its new campaign dubbed "The Joy of Problems".


The site features a nice Tetris inspired layout and a jigsaw that users are called to help solving.



Perspective: I like the idea that consumers can work together to solve an online puzzle, however there is currently little incentive to invite my friends to this.  For example, will the online collaboration of solving this puzzle reveal something of importance?