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Interest based ambient awareness

Social scientists refer to the craving for online contact as “Ambient awareness”. They liken the feeling to being similar to being physically near someone and sensing their mood by their body language, mood and comments.

I think the desire for ambient awareness is what has driven the popularity of Facebook, which through it’s provision of the news feed feature, is supplying a stream of up to the minute updates on what your friends are doing. In many cases this feed substitutes the need for email.  Twitter is another service which streams snippets of thoughts into a single stream.

Whilst the craving for ambient awareness of our social graph (or friends list) might be strong, it is surprising to me that the use of RSS feedreaders to supply a personalised interest based news feed is still quite low.


New business model for news !

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the emergence of “Content Exchange networks”, as I predict significant changes in the value chain of content creation and distribution over the next few years.

Related to this is the changing impact to the news industry.

So it was with interest that I read Jeff Jarvis (of Buzzmachine)’s presentation that examines the changing business models for news publication and distribution in light of social collaboration.  Jeff is planning to give the presentation to CUNYGraduate School of Journalismm, and has put a draft up on Slideshare for comment.

New Business Models for News

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: journalism media)

I think Jeff is on track with his scenarios!

Social Media – 3 step action plan

I have posted an article in support of my Social Media action plan presentation.

Social Media – 3 step action plan (pdf file)

The continued growth of Social media has resulted in a massive power shift to the consumer. The ability for consumers to voice their opinions is unprecedented in the history of media and the ability to effectively interpret and engage with this channel is often ignored.
Social media cannot be controlled; ignoring it just eliminates you from the conversations. Due to the global scale and the sheer volume of online conversations taking place, knowing how to respond to social media can be a little daunting.
In this article I’ll outline a 3 step action plan that will assist you to understand and respond to social media. It will also help you to establish an accurate online brand identity and provide you with the ability to influence conversations, a real competitive advantage for any organisation.

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