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Social media used for digital activism

Social Media has brought content creation tools to consumers, allowing an efficient means f­or organ­i­zi­n­g, f­aci­l­i­tati­n­g ou­treach, en­cou­ragi­n­g di­al­ogu­e an­d rai­si­n­g m­on­ey­.
This video describes how social media is being used in Lebanon for “di­gi­tal­ acti­v­i­sm­”.

Successful cause initiatives such as Kiva (Microfinance),  myC4 (Microfinance & Mentoring), Build An African School (Financing new schools in Africa) and MobileMovement (Microfinance using mobiles) all understand that the social media landscape provide consumers the means to more deeply engage with the cause, and in doing that these initiatives are reaping the benefits of communal support.