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AI automation is coming and it is coming to automate ideas, synthesised thought out things and summarising discussions.

This will mean humans have to skill up on the ability to reflect and understand patterns.  As a result these 12 skills are what will be required in the future.


  • Desire to know more of the world and it’s people extending comfort zone
  • Embraces the discovery of how, what and why things happeCommunication Skills
  • Able to say the right things in the right way at the right time
  • Can articulate complex ideas to share insights & research findings

Cultural Humility

  • Ongoing process of self-exploration & critique
  • Seeks to understand new cultures to learn from others.

Dealing with Ambiguity

  • Tolerance for grey areas
  • Can decide & handle risk & uncertainty whilst able to make sound judgements

Analytical Enquiry

  • The ability to interrogate data effectively to ask and answer meaningful questions.

Critical Thinking

  • Separate fact from opinion, question & evaluate, seeking evidence
  • Develop well supported arguments

Emotional Intelligence

  • Capacity to understand human emotions
  • Able to exercise concern anad empathy for others.


  • Able to connect possibilities with process across disciplines.
  • Facilitation of diverse groups

Creative Thinking

  • The ability to conceive innovative solutions to new challenges
  • Able to find multiple ways to achieve a goaS

Ethics and Sustainability

  • Pursuit of Ethical values to contributes positively to society
  • Concern for community and the future health of the planet

AI Literacy

  • Knowing what you don’t know How to use AI to acquire knowledge, determine accuracy

Adaptable to Change

  • Being open to new methodologies, frequent changes
  • Attitude of lifelong learning




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