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How to generate AI H5P content with STYLE

How to generate AI H5P content with STYLE

Now you can generate H5P content using AI: and they have a video tutorial here 
You don’t really need to sign up for their “free trial” the trick here is to use the “STYLE” part of the ROSE model when you prompt AI.

How AI is Transforming Higher Education

How AI is Transforming Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is steadily transforming the landscape of higher education, ushering in a new era of knowledge management and tailored learning experiences. As we move deeper into the 21st century, the role of AI in shaping future business leaders through simulated scenarios and soft skills development is becoming increasingly significant. This transformation is evident in various dimensions of the educational sector, ranging from curriculum development to the operational aspects of institutions.

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Knowledge Management to be disrupted by AI

Get ready for the next level of automation as AI disrupts the Knowledge Management space. And these 12 critical skills
Curiosity, Cultural Humility, Dealing with Ambiguity, Analytical Enquiry, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Transdisciplinary, Creative Thinking, Ethics and Sustainability, AI Literacy, Adaptable to Change

The Retro-Futurism of AI: A Glimpse Into the Compute Revolution

The Retro-Futurism of AI: A Glimpse Into the Compute Revolution

Diving into the digital renaissance, we explore the transformative journey from the neon-lit mainframes of the 1980s to today’s AI-driven technological marvels. As we stand on the brink of a compute revolution powered by AI, we reflect on how far we’ve come and where we’re headed. With the advent of supercomputers like Stargate and the ever-increasing efficiency of AI chips, the future of computing is not just a leap forward; it’s a return to the grand visions of the past, reimagined for a new era. Join us as we navigate through this fascinating evolution, where the lines between yesterday’s dreams and tomorrow’s reality blur in the glow of innovation.

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Failure is a great learning tool, if you learn from it

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