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Social Media ROI example

Here's a great video from Fred Caballero discussing a process for measuring the ROI on Social Media In the video Fred provides an example of linking a sales goal to social media tactics pointing out the value of "Listening" and the necessity to have at least a 6 month...

Weekly links (weekly) tags: social-media-mishap 14 Creative Gym/Fitness Advertisement – tags: gym Brand Visibility Metrics - HowSociable tags: online-monitoring-tool Social Media and Digital Marketing...

Weekly links (weekly)

The Oracle ACE Program tags: influence ambassador Woobox - Create viral coupons to grow your Twitter & Facebook Fans. tags: coupon The Future of TV is community: linking social media with big screens - Trends in the Living Networks tags: social-tv The State of B2B...

Weekly links (weekly)

CHOICE reviews group buying websites to bring you the best bargains. tags: groupon crowd-commerce social-commerce Digital Tip » Measuring social media influence: tags: social-media-mishap Beyond the Code: 25 Best Nonprofit Websites | Social Media For Nonprofits |...

"Do fail to learn, don't fail to learn"

Failure is a great learning tool, if you learn from it

"Make the right thing to do the easiest thing to"

Change management success


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