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Run like a girl

Insightful campaign from Always which challenges the stigma of #likeagirl and celebrates what it means to be a girl.
Puberty’s not easy and can have a dramatic impact on girl’s self-confidence.

What do you do during TV Ad Breaks?

Facebook have published a report that suggests more and more people are turning to their smart phones during ad breaks, to check Instagram, Facebook, or the latest news.

That’s not great news for TV Advertising

Campaign highlight

STABILO’s Brilliant Ads That Highlight ‘Invisible’ Women is a great campaign that really “Highlights” the product feature

Check the others out here

Augmented Reality – helps with Pool shots

This is a very cool use for Augmented Reality.

The fun and interactive system known as Pool Live Aid allows for dramatic real-time updates to the pool action, so that it not only entertains but serves as a straightforward teaching tool. Most importantly, it’s designed for players of all skill levels: the use of the automatic recording of shots function, for instance, assists more skilled players, while the real-time trajectory calculations would benefit any player, regardless of level.

Talk to Books

Google has unveiled a new tool called “Talk To Books,” a new search tool which uses semantic search to search based on meaning, rather than mere keywords, and powered by the Google’s machine learning AI which is uused to implement ‘smart’ email replies – to provide an entirely new way to explore books.

What happens when, for the first time in human history, books can be searched at the sentence level, rather than at the author or topic level?

Well as the video above suggests, book reviews will get much easier.


The future of retail

Trendwatching have just published a trend titled The Future of Retail which details these 5 insights.

Consumers now expect to summon retail brands as they would a genie from a lamp.

In 2019, smart retail brands know their customers better than customers know themselves.

Your internal culture is your brand. So do more to help your people flourish.

From discovery to delivery, retail brands are automating the customer journey.

Inclusive marketing is no longer enough. Time to to reimagine everything you do around true diversity.