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Apple breathes life back into AR/VR

Certainly! The Apple AR headset is one of the most highly anticipated releases in the tech world, and for good reason. As we all know, Apple is known for its innovative products and the AR headset is no exception. One of the key features of the Apple AR headset is its...

AI annoucements this week – May 20, 2023

Google presents SoundStorm - a new model for efficient audio generation. It can generate highly realistic dialogues via transcript annotations and short voice prompts. See demo in GitHub Link - It’s impressive. Microsoft releases a new language for controlling large...

Is AI your new BFF?

AI Chatbots may never become your BFF, but you might just connect in a way that may produce some slightly uncomfortable feelings  Connectedness Reasons for the feelings What is actually the case 1.    Shared Goal or Purpose {Dhillon, 2007 #474} When you engage in...

AI news this week

Here are the top 10 AI links for this week OpenAI's GPT-3 is now powering chatbots on the dating app Hinge AI-powered robot dolphins could replace live animals at theme parks Google's DeepMind AI predicts protein folding with 90% accuracy AI is helping scientists...

OpenAI plugins – are a BIG DEAL

OPENAI plugins - a game changer for automation and rules. Just released May 12 and available if you are on the US$20/month paid ChatGPT service. But why is it such a big deal? Browser access - one of the key plugins available to ChatGPT is the browser plugin, which...

"Do fail to learn, don't fail to learn"

Failure is a great learning tool, if you learn from it

"Make the right thing to do the easiest thing to"

Change management success


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