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Social Media Action Plan (updated)

My updated Social Media Action Plan presentation

Social Media – What is it?
“Open Conversations that encourage participation and connect people”

  • FACEBOOK 9.7 million Australian’s on Facebook
  • oTWITTER 800 tweets / second
  • Youtube 2 billion views/day

Why it matters
– “Social media helps people express themselves and through the wisdom of crowds helps us discover new stuff”

What to do about it ?
– Can’t control it
– Ignoring it just elimates you from the conversation

Social Media Action Plan
1. Listen (online monitoring .. what and how, discovery of risks, consumer insights)
“The Development of a process
to understand the conversations,
and action the insights”

  • Use advanced search
  • Delicious
  • Tweetdeck
  • RSS feed (Speed reader)

o Permission to engage

2. Engage (social engagement policies, leveraging employees, integration, consumer insights)

“Participation Participation Particpation is the new Location Location Location”

  • Content strategy
  • Social Media Engagement polic
  • Identify places to engage – comment
  • Join Relevant Group
  • Leverage Employees

o Permission to influence

3.  Influence (identifying & rewarding fans, innovation, research)

  • Identify and reward fans
  • Testimonials
  • Establish conversational metrics
  • Remember most social media is positive
  • “Don’t Fail to Learn .. Do Fail to Learn”

– Future trends (social commerce, location based information, filtering, privacy & fraud)

Ikea’s clever Facebook campaign

Sweden is known for it’s innovation which not only expresses itself in design, but also in creative campaigns.

Agency Forsman and Bodenfors decided to use one of Facebook’s built in features of “Tagging” to get the word out about Ikea’s Malmo store opening.  First, they created a Facebook profile for the store manager, Gordon Gustavsson. Then, over the next two weeks, uploaded images from of IKEA showrooms to his Facebook photo album.

To generate interest, they provided the incentive that the first person to tag their name to a product in the pictures, won that product !

As people tagged themselves to the pictures, their friends were made aware of the free offering via their facebook news feeds and hence interest in tagging themselves to a new bed, rug or vase spread quickly.