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3D Desktop



Here’s a very interesting utility that transforms your windows desktop into a 3D environment, much like a desk.  It allows you to place icons in various sizes depending on importance, as well as having them on the wall.

Bumptop also has some clever techniques for sorting and grouping the various functions in an effort to make life more productive.  Moving photos between applications is rather cool, and the following video provideds an excellent demonstration.

Bumptop has a free version, and there is a US $29 version that includes additional features.

IBM’s Augmented Reality Mobile trial at Wimbledon

IBM has launched an Android based mobile app to “Augment” what is happening at Wimbledon. Taking a live feed from the handset’s camera, it superimposes content and data associated with various points of interest into that video stream. For example live scores, court information etc.

The widespread adoption of 3G and Smartphones has meant that the potential audience for leveraging location (using the phone’s GPS), and supplementing that with value added information is reaching a critical mass.
I think it makes sense to trial new technologies at these type of events.

As long as the “Value Add” of the supplementary information is primary, I think this technology is a great way to engage with consumers.

News Gaming mashup

MSNBC have released a NewsWare site, which provides an interesting news spectrum which can also be customised into a widget to embed on your blog, social network profile, or desktop.

The news experience includes this spectrum which is very engaging.

Snapshot 2008-05-06 08-34-56.jpg 

There is also a Newsblaster tool which lets you read the news while you are playing an online game.

To promote this feature, MSNBC setup the world’s first interactive cinema crowd game.

Cinema goers became human joysticks as the collective crowd body movement controls the functions of a game controller.


NBC New’s social education iCue site is also mixing news videos with study guides and educational games in what they hope will satisfy Generation Y’s shorter attention span.

iBar™ now in Australia

New interactive technologies can help to bring brands or big ideas to life.
Bullseye in partnership with 808South are pleased to announce Australia’s first client demonstration of the iBar™.


Speaking about the technology, Ian Farmer Senior Brand Strategist for Bullseye said

“The iBar™ has received many innovation awards in Europe and we are excited about the digital possibilities this technology can provide to Australia. Designing a creative set of interactive experiences is an integral part of producing a rewarding and engaging brand interaction”.


Intelligent surface system

iBar™ takes consumer interaction to a new level. Integrated video projectors beam content onto the bar surface and the intuitive tracking system creates a new connection between real life products and dynamic digital content. This turns the bar into a giant touch sensitive screen allowing multiple people to interact with the content at the same time.
Coloured lights, animations or any rich media content can illuminate, link and follow every movement of a hand, bottle or glass.

The iBar™ software consists of two parts – tracking and displaying. All objects are tracked and their position is transmitted to the displaying-software. The displaying software can be adapted to your needs. The use of pictures, text, movies, animations or any visual content is possible. iBar™ is a modular, stand alone system that can be configured to suit your needs. The modules are 2m long and can be linked together to form a seamless interactive surface of virtually any length.

The iBar™’s can also be networked wirelessly to allow interaction between two or more separate units. Content can also be streamed via the net and bars can be fitted with Bluetooth technology to allow consumers to download content. Each portable module consists of its own cameras, projectors and computers. Any number of iBar™ modules are available for hire on short and long-term arrangements.




Sleeveface is defined as "one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion"


This unique art-form has inspired over 1400 Flickr photos, a series of Youtube videos, and even a Facebook group with over 10,000 members.

This is a great example of a self powered community linked by the single common objective of creating art from record sleeves.