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Social Media Action Plan (updated)

My updated Social Media Action Plan presentation

Social Media – What is it?
“Open Conversations that encourage participation and connect people”

  • FACEBOOK 9.7 million Australian’s on Facebook
  • oTWITTER 800 tweets / second
  • Youtube 2 billion views/day

Why it matters
– “Social media helps people express themselves and through the wisdom of crowds helps us discover new stuff”

What to do about it ?
– Can’t control it
– Ignoring it just elimates you from the conversation

Social Media Action Plan
1. Listen (online monitoring .. what and how, discovery of risks, consumer insights)
“The Development of a process
to understand the conversations,
and action the insights”

  • Use advanced search
  • Delicious
  • Tweetdeck
  • RSS feed (Speed reader)

o Permission to engage

2. Engage (social engagement policies, leveraging employees, integration, consumer insights)

“Participation Participation Particpation is the new Location Location Location”

  • Content strategy
  • Social Media Engagement polic
  • Identify places to engage – comment
  • Join Relevant Group
  • Leverage Employees

o Permission to influence

3.  Influence (identifying & rewarding fans, innovation, research)

  • Identify and reward fans
  • Testimonials
  • Establish conversational metrics
  • Remember most social media is positive
  • “Don’t Fail to Learn .. Do Fail to Learn”

– Future trends (social commerce, location based information, filtering, privacy & fraud)

GPS hidden in Laundry Detergent – locates prize winners

Omo has combined GPS technology with a prize giveaway promotion as part of their “Try Something New With Omo” campaign. GPS devices are hidden in 50 detergent boxes throughout Brazil and the device is activate4d when the box is removed from the supermarket shelf.

The promotions agency then track the box to the consumer’s home, where winners receive a pocket video camera as well as an invitation for a day of outdoor fun at Unilever’s expense.  To help alleviate consumer concerns the promotions team can cause the GPS to start beeping – let’s hope they don’t think it’s a bomb ticking 🙂

Life socialises their Timeline maker is now allowing people to use their photos and their timeline maker to tell and share stories.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google users can connect to using their preferred profile and begin creating a timeline right away. Completed timelines can also be shared on Facebook.

The editorial staff has created some sample timelines to give you a taste of what you can create such as the vibrant World Cup Winners Throughout the Years

Check it out