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Social Media traffic catches Search

Alan Long, Research Director for Hitwise reports that Social Media Traffic in Australia has nearly caught Search as depicted by the following chart.

Hitwise - social media v search

Top 10 Social Networks in Australia are shown here, dominated by Facebook which boasts over 8 million Australians.


The net affect is that companies need more than ever to develop a strategy for Listening and Engaging with these networks so that they have the ability to influence consumers.

Relationships help sell Social Media

It’s surprising giving the hype surrounding Social Media, that it’s still quite a challenge to sell the adoption of social media to organisations.

There are many obstacles that stand in the way of running social media campaigns such as hurdle

  • Risks associated with open conversations
  • Non existant Internal policies covering social media engagement
  • Lack of internal communication of social media engagement policies
  • Perceived lack of metrics
  • Clarity of roles for managing the campaign

Overcoming these and other hurdles requires an ability to understand which obstacles exist and also arming the right people with the knowledge and tools to overcome them.

As Gavin Heaton correctly points out in his post Social Media Experts Run Over By The Cluetrain

“for all the talk around social media (from agencies as well as from independent consultants), very few practice what they preach. Very few proposals or strategies are written with a view towards business – they provide almost no support for the marketers who need to sell these proposals and strategies back into their businesses.”

Whilst the key is to give them reasons and support to overcome the inevitable detractors, the rational needs to be positioned according to the culture of the particular business.

Developing this understanding requires the building of relationships, which ironically many practitioners avoid.
Relationships are a core element of Social Media and a key catalyst for enabling the approval of Social Media campaigns

Google Wave explained

One of the hottest news for social communication this month was the beta launch of Google Wave.
Like a lot of people, I’m still waiting for my Beta invite – Google released 100K invites on Sept 30, 2009, and hopefully a 2nd wave of invites will come soon.  {Update : Thanks to Gus for sending me a twitter invite soon after this post was published)

Whilst there is no shortage of commentaries on the product, such as this one from PC world, this 2 min video from Epipheo Studios does a great job of explaining the background need for a new way to collaborate, and the major features that Google Wave seeks to address.

Here’s a screenshot of Google Wave, highlighting how Wave extends the inbox to incorporate discussion, attachments, and lists the contributors.


video via FRANkVize

Collaboration efficiency is at the heart of Knowledge Management, and it’s exciting that Google Wave will be run as an “open source” project becoming a valuable building block for a new range of collaboration tools.

Having experienced Google Wave, I can say that it definately delivers on providing efficiences in collaboration, but does remind me of the hope I felt when Lotus Notes came out.
Editing the content nuggets from the things where the content value has a very short shelf-life is one of the key challenges for community administrators.

Google have published one of their presentations on Google Wave from May 2009 (1 hour, 20 mins in length), which covers the product in more detail. Incidentally, Google Wave was developed out of the Google offices in Sydney Australia!

You can sign up for the 2nd wave of Google Wave invites here

Update:  For a comprehensive guide to Google wave Gina Trapani and Adam Pash have created this Complete Google Wave Guide

The Pirate’s Dilmemma

There is still lots of debate surrounding digital piracy.

Matt Mason’s new book “The Pirate’s Dilemma” addresses the issue of piracy demonstrating how piracy helped to evolve Hollywood prior to the existance of the internet. His book describes how piracy is an important source of innovation, and he describes how piracy can be used to effectively spread ideas. In doing so, Matt suggests how piracy itself can be leveraged as a valid business model.

Here’s a video of Matt talking about how youth culture is reinventing capitalism.

14. Deutscher Trendtag: Social Wealth / Matt Mason: The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism from Trendbuero on Vimeo.

Just to prove how much Matt, believes in what he writes, you can download an ebook version of Matt Mason’s book, (download The Pirate’s Dilemma : How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism) it will only cost you what you think the book is worth !

Personalised Soccer Commentary

Be a Football Hero allows you to create a personalised audio commentary.

Select your name, country, and age, and then listen to the professional soccer (football) commentary of yourself performing the ultimate football heroics.


If you like what you hear, you can order the soundtrack as a CD for 14.99 pounds.

The soundtrack is very realistic, and you get to hear your surname and age as you score the match winning goal in the dying minutes.

Be a football hero has plans to develop spin off sites for other sports including cricket, tennis, and formula 1.

I’d like to see the option to “Embed” the audio track into social media sites and blog posts, which would help spread awareness of the site, as well as act as a vechicle for product placement.

Also, as the personalised product is produced as an audio, it would be great to include the option to send an sms link to a streaming broadcast of the product, which would be excellent for mobile mediums.

Interesting Cross Promotion

Most of you would have heard of the “Will it Blend” videos, that do a fantastic job of promoting the Blendtec blender.

Today, I came across an interesting cross promotion featuring the founder and star of Will it Blend, Tom Dickson and one of the Ford Fiesta Movement agents, Ryan Dembroski.


 The Ford Fiesta Movement has been one of the pioneering social media PR programs, which had over 4,000 people apply to become one of 100 agents.  The successful agents were all given a new Fiesta for six months, and are expected to record and share their experiences with the car.

Tapping into one of online hero’s of the social media, Blendtec’s Tom Dickson makes good sense.  The script for the video lacks originality, and uses what’s lying around in Ryan’s car as ingredients for a “Blended Drink”. 

Ryan should still get a decent amount of coverage for this exercise, and may even create a series of videos involving a range of internet personalities.