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Seven Eleven’s cool iphone app with coupons

7-Eleven in Sweden has released an iPhone app, that no only includes a 7/11 store locator, but also includes coupons for free coffee and biscuits.  Users key in their phone number and then the unique coupons (that are only valide once) are delivered to the iPhone.  April’s free coffee coupons will be followed by free ice cream in May.


Stockholm-based digital agency Lonely Duck developed the application and it had 2500 downloads in it’s first week.

This is a great example of where a branded application provides value both in terms of the mapping function, but also via the mobile coupons.

via Springwise

Mobile phones, banking and online shopping

imageA recent study from Unisys found that 7% of 1200 surveyed Australians currently used their mobiles for web transactions.

The study was part of a global study of over 13,000 participants across 14 countries.   59% said they would not trust their mobile devices to provide a secure transaction

Online transactions using mobiles are gradually overcoming concerns about security in much the same way consumers exercised caution before embracing web based transactions.

In terms of countries, Germany at 21% had the most confidence in mobile transactions, whilst France at 12 % were least trusting of transactions conducted from their phones.

Australian banks have been gradually adding mobile accessibility to their services with ANZ offering a complete mobile banking website, and National Australia Bank recently rolling out a SMS banking service.

I believe last week’s Iphone launch will be a catalyst to accessing the web from mobiles, due it’s usability and data plans.

9 out of 10 of mobile web users are male

imageMobile browser Opera have released a demographic report which shows that 88% of their users are male.  14.7 million people used Opera Mini in May 2008, which is a 24.6% increase on the March 2008 numbers.

Their user base is also most popular in the 18-27 year old demographic.

2.9 billion pages were viewed in May, with an average of 200 pages per person.
This graph shows the increase in page views over the last 2 years.


With the July 11 release of the new iphone, I’d expect a continued increase in web access from mobile devices, and this will also spawn additional mobile centric content and services.

via ReadWriteWeb

Second Life from your mobile

Popular virtual world Second Life is now accessible from 40 mobile devices, with support for additional 3G and Wi-Fi enabled devices including the iPhone planned in the near future.

This is possible thanks to a free beta application available at Vollee,


The technology streams high-end services designed for the PC to mobiles adapting screen size and uses compression to reduce bandwidth.

This type of service will impress die hard MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Playing Games) enthusiasts, but  technologies like Vollee could potentially provide more reach to business web applications.