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3D Desktop



Here’s a very interesting utility that transforms your windows desktop into a 3D environment, much like a desk.  It allows you to place icons in various sizes depending on importance, as well as having them on the wall.

Bumptop also has some clever techniques for sorting and grouping the various functions in an effort to make life more productive.  Moving photos between applications is rather cool, and the following video provideds an excellent demonstration.

Bumptop has a free version, and there is a US $29 version that includes additional features.

Second Life from your mobile

Popular virtual world Second Life is now accessible from 40 mobile devices, with support for additional 3G and Wi-Fi enabled devices including the iPhone planned in the near future.

This is possible thanks to a free beta application available at Vollee,


The technology streams high-end services designed for the PC to mobiles adapting screen size and uses compression to reduce bandwidth.

This type of service will impress die hard MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Playing Games) enthusiasts, but  technologies like Vollee could potentially provide more reach to business web applications.