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Life socialises their Timeline maker is now allowing people to use their photos and their timeline maker to tell and share stories.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google users can connect to using their preferred profile and begin creating a timeline right away. Completed timelines can also be shared on Facebook.

The editorial staff has created some sample timelines to give you a taste of what you can create such as the vibrant World Cup Winners Throughout the Years

Check it out

World Cup Widget

It’s good to see Widget’s being made available to help syndicate content across the internet in support of the FIFA world cup event.

Minicart WordPress plugin

This is a very cool WordPress plugin that allows you to create a single post shopping cart, connected to PAYPAL. 
You can use this for donations, example

[MINICART item=”2″]

Or for a product, here I’ve included a product that we sell on the GourmetShopper website, which you can purchase here inside this post.

[MINICART item=”1″]

If you use wordpress and would like to install this plugin, you’ll find everything you need here.
The plugin is part of a WordPress Plugin Competition, and you can see & rate the entries here.

Facebook Page widget

Facebook now let you insert a widget of pages onto other sites such as blogs or websites.

Here’s an example of the BRITA facebook page widget that we have developed.

BRITA fan box

The Fan Box as Facebook call it allows people to become fans of your page with 1 click without needing to visit Facebook.