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OPENAI plugins – a game changer for automation and rules.

Just released May 12 and available if you are on the US$20/month paid ChatGPT service.

But why is it such a big deal?

  1. Browser access – one of the key plugins available to ChatGPT is the browser plugin, which allows AI to use a web browser to return data from the internet and stored in a local data array. This could be sports results, but it could also be weather, traffic, restaurant information – and it can on your behalf make bookings.
  2. Retrieval plugin .. ChatGPT can now retrieve personal documents / or items that it has security clearance to e.g. IOT sensors.
  3. Home or Factory automation. Using all of these you can essentially make so many rules for executing things like .. booking haircuts, ordering groceries etc.
    For organisations, the whole electricity usage for say UTS could be available for diagnosis, mapped against local weather conditions, number of people in the building etc.  and suggested energy savings.  Short blog post on this here
  4. For education? Someone just published a Tutory plugin – trained as an AI tutor.  It’s possible for a UTS AI to have access to Canvas Logs, Assessment grades, and use this information to personalise the engagement by student.
  5. For Doctors / NDIS – well this should help automate lots of disparate services

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