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As the festive season gathers momentum, Online shopping is still growing, Internet IPO’s are back in Vogue, and Google’s Ad revenue surpases $9 billion!

My friend Ian McKee from Vocanic, writes a blog called The Power of Influence, and he posts here about Google’s rise that makes them the 4th largest media sales company.

Ian writes

And what do they have to sell?
Word snippets approximately 12 words long. Your entire brand proposition in 12 words
No big creative ideas, no room for copywriting prowess, no room for creating emotional connections.
Just 12 words and a link.

Google have effectively enabled a way that enables small websites to sell advertising space, thereby creating a whole new industry in Search Word placements.

Compare this with China’s where most of their revenue comes from selling ads on the main pages which you buy based on the page, and what time the ad will appear (they are planning to move to a cost per click model as customers become educated in the advantages of ad relevance. The deeper into the internet you can place an ad, the more likely it is that the ad you place is relevant for the target niche, and the higher your changes of converting the click throughs into purchase. The Long Tail of the internet is making it more possible for small business to compete, as a global small niche can be much bigger than the whole local market.

So as we enter the 12th month of the year, ask yourself what are your 12 words and a link saying?