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Listening to Across the Sound this week, Jo Jaffe spoke about this great initiative from JaK Attack called the 1PPP. Note: 1PPP = the 1 Penny Podcast Project.

I have been following the way Advertising is emerging within Podcasts for a while and haven’t really seen anything very “Frontiering”, but the 1PPP is certainly worthy of something different. Most Podcast advertising are essentially top and tale spots, with perhaps an additional spot in the middle of the podcast.

I think Jon describes the initiative well

How’s it work? Simple – you send us $5 and three lines of text. We’ll speak those three lines during the show somewhere and you’re guaranteed that show will be downloaded at least 500 times in the first 30 days.

The three lines of text are preferably:
1. Business/Blog/Site/Whatever name
2. Your all important one sentence!
3. Your URL

Have you ever seen the improv comedy routines where the audience makes up sentences and puts them in a hat? The comedians then have to pull a sentence out of the hat now and again and work it into their routine. Same deal here. You have no control over where or when we’ll speak your three lines, but rest assured we will speak them. Oh yes, we will speak them.

It sounds entertaining, a bit of fun, and will no doubt push the boundaries of Pod-ver-tising. I wish Jon well with the initiative and have enrolled Frontiering in the program. So keep a listen out on JaK Attack, and see if you can hear any Frontiering ads!