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Most of us have seen or heard of the photo-booths (Purikura machines) where you can print out a dozen or so tiny stickers of 3 or 4 poses. The booths were launched in Japan in the 1990’s and are now seen across the globe. The resulting stickers are placed on Laptops, Music players, Books, Folders of belongings and given away to friends to place on their belongings.

Why? It’s all about personalising your stuff!

Now Ututu’s MYSQ (My style So Qute) is an interactive video booth which shoots 30 seconds of a performance at a cost of JPY 500 (EUR 3.65 / USD 4.50 / AUD 6.0)

Built-in floor sensors and a MYSQ ring worn on one’s hand is the clever technology that is used here. It monitors the movement of the person(s) and enhances the movie file with cool visual effects. When the 30 second shoot is over, the system creates a movie file and gives the movie an id tag shown on the booth as a barcode. You scan the code with a camera phone and it downloads the movie that you can then enjoy, send to your friends and a QR (bar) code flashes on-screen. Scanning the code with a camera phone instantly downloads the movie, ready to be enjoyed or sent to friends and family.

It’s pretty cool, and just another service that is going to make having a Video player in your phone something to put on this year’s Christmas wish list !