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We have heard of pass the salt, but how about “pass the straw”?
Yes .. you will soon be able to get your favourite flavour delivered via a straw.

Unistraw™ is a patented straw drinking system that delivers flavours, nutrition, energy, or specific pharmaceuticals through beads that dissolve in the course of drinking.
The Unistraw™ drinking system has application across the following areas:
§ Flavouring milk, water, wine, and soda
§ Deliver energy, salts and minerals for the sports market
§ Deliver health-value and vitamins for the lifestyle market, and
§ Transport proteins, antibodies, probiotics, and specific pharmaceuticals for the health market.

The Unistraw is not just a new product; it is the basis of a completely new category of products. The Company expects the Unistraw to enormously influence the global beverage industry by providing a fresh, innovative way to deliver taste and nutrition to consumers.

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