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IntelliMatAs the price for LCD and Plasma screens continues to fall, marketeers are begining to use them to communicate to consumers at or close to the point of purchase.

From a subtle “Would you like fries with that?” message at consumer facing side of the checkout, to more main stream advertorials describing functional uses for products, marketeers are using them as new ways to communicate to consumers.
Now, thanks to the Egg Factory, they are being used as floor mats !

Here’s how they describe it …

IntelliMat is the next step in floor advertising and messaging. It involves using an electronic display, with image quality similar to that of a flat screen monitor, in combination with a floor mat to display a dynamic message to individuals walking over and/or using the mat. The mat is portable and is capable of being placed throughout stores, professional buildings, and large public areas. In addition, the mat can be updated and changed, via the Internet, from a remote location.

The IntelliMatâ„¢ has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool and has the capabilities to provide numerous functions. In addition to displaying floor advertising, the electronic display housed within the floor mat can be used to give directions or instructions, as well as provide a unique aesthetic. Further, IntelliMat has the potential to be interactive with the consumer.

Not sure that I can dance on my toes fast enough to interact with a floor mat, but it certainly makes for an interesting new way to intergrate a communication message close to the point of purchase!