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Newscorp owned Fox has launched an engaging site that provide an opportunity for American Idol fans to write their opinions via blogs.

It is a sign that Newscorp is learning from it’s Myspace asset and recognising that consumers want to share their thoughts and opinions online. They are going to do it anyway, so why provide a place for the discussion to take place ! Tagging is used to help blog navigation, and here’s a few examples of some of the conversations

Let’s keep voting for this guy, folks. He is an unlikely AI winner, but what a true and natural talent…I was completely blown away tonight. What a performance! We have to help Taylor go all the way. Doesn’t his excitement about music make you excited too? He is infectious–in a good way

The one I really want to win is bewteen Chris and Melissa. Chris is the best out of the guys and Melissa is the best out of all the girls.

Interacting with fans should become an integral part of the television production cycle. Fox is stimulating conversations between consumers by providing information (contestant bios, photos, video clips etc), and community tools (blogs) which whatever you think of the show, will certainly extend the interest of Idol fans.

Update: here’s a google mashup called Idol Tracker