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In a world where everything is becoming digital (think photos, videos, news, tv), it’s interesting to see some frontiering businesses that are specialising in what I call “Analogising” your digital assets.

Whether it be producing a book, a calendar or even a giant poster, QOOP will let you do all this from your flickr images, photobucket, or webshots library.
I wonder why the people who make books don’t offer a service like this?


It’s a great marketing tool for small business, who take their own product shots and want to produce something professional to give to their clients. They deliver globally and you can even create a book from a list of blog posts, which I just might do when Frontiering Talk turns one.

Qoop is a pretty cool idea for helping those of us who live almost entirely in the digital world, to reach out and help those analog people appreciate our media in a physical format.

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