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Is Google about to start selling audio ads like it sells search ads with it’s Adwords program?
Google’s audio advertising?

When Google announced it’s acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting, a digital media solutions and services firm, analysts started to speculate.

Creating Audio ads for radio is an established industry, and auctioning radio ads to help with targeting makes sense for Google. Even more so is the ability to sell audio spots on the vast number of Podcasts that more and more people are consuming. However, just like Adwords helped create a whole new industry segment of Search Marketing, I think audio advertising will be re-invented. New technologies will be harnessed to help with executing audio “calls to action” which will be measured, reworked and re-executed.

“Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media,” Tim Armstrong, Google’s VP of ad sales, said in a statement. “We anticipate that this acquisition will bring new ad dollars and accountability to radio by combining Google’s expansive network of advertisers with dMarc’s talented team and innovative radio advertising technology.”

Why stop there? It’s not a stretch to assume that google will soon be auctioning video ads for Video on Demand or VODCASTS. Microsoft’s Adcenter is pursuing a similar concept, and there is no doubt Newscorp’s Myspace is likely to introduce a similar concept.

Advertising as we know it has changed, and those that embrace New Marketing are sure to benefit.