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Australia Day LogoAustralia day is here for 2009, and a good chance to review the way digital has brought about change to the way we live.

Here are some key events from 10 years ago in 1999
– Mark Taylor was the 1999 Australian of the year
– Companies spent millions protecting themselves from the Y2K bug
– Google moved from their garage to their first office with a search market share of < %1
– George Bush criticised President Clinton on Kosovo saying “We need an exit strategy before going to war”

Dial-up connectivity was what we used for internet connectivity, making “doing internet” a task that was performed daily or weekly.

The latest ABS statistics, show that at June 20008 we had 7.23 million internet subscribers which according to Neilson figures reflect that 16.3 million Australians are online or about 80% of the population.

4.3 million Australians now use Facebook or 25% of the internet population.

Consuming media online 13.7 hours / week in March 2008 surpassed out weekly TV usage, at 13.3 hours according to Neilsen.

From modest beginnings, blog growth continues with an estimated 440,000 bloggers in Australia.

We are indeed well and truly living in the Digital age, with historical information and events now readily available for consumption, such as this historical coverage of Australia Day.

Whilst Australia has a diverse range of cultures, I think we are becoming more nationalistic. The Australia Day Facebook page, launched last year has an impressive 52K fans.

Embracing online content this year, the Australia Day organisation is running an Advance Australia Dare campaign – a consumer generated video contest inviting people to submit videos of themselves.

The digital age has certainly changed things, even radically changing the way governments interact with citizens. in Australia is one such example which has over 300K members. Not only do we celebrate Australia Day this week, but globally change is upon us with the inauguration of President Barack Obama.


There are lots of Australia Day events, which will generate there own digital memories.

I trust you enjoy your Australia Day,

Ian Farmer

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