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Shankar Gupta of Mediapost has written this gem of a story of how a Movie “Serendipity”, tapped into the Blogosphere to help generate stories about the movie.

Shankar reports that “As of Thursday afternoon, a Technorati search on the phrase “Serenity movie” returned almost 14,000 blog posts, compared to 1,538 posts returned on the phrase “Flightplan movie.” The two films opened on the same date last week.”

I think this is a sign of things to come, as companies experiment on ways to create interest in their brands on the blogosphere. And here’s where it gets interesting. Companies are used to paying for PR, and the blogosphere is more about reporting about things that the authors are passionate about. I believe companies should embrace blogging as part of their advertising mix, but care needs to be taken that this medium is different to standard advertising.