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Many bands are changing the way their albums are named and which songs are selected by involving online music consumers. In Canada, musicians are hiring professionals to create “word of mouth” on the street about their music. People perceived to be “tastemakers” are recruited and then given advance copies of unreleased records. This article from the Ottowa Times says ..

Seeding is about putting the right product into the right hands at the right time. The idea is that tastemakers will create a buzz on a given album or musical act by talking it up with their peers and creating street-level excitement.

In Emanuel Rosen’s book The Anatomy of Buzz, the whole idea of Buzz marketing is explored in greater depth. Using paid Buzz professionals is ok, but I believe the “tastemakers” must be allowed to exercise free will.

This recognition of involving consumers early in the product life cycle is destined to spread beyond just music. Finding new things and helping to diffuse their adoption to the rest of the population is what some of us enjoy doing, so when are you going to start tapping to this group to help identify the right next product and then to spread the buzz?

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