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A french company called BuzzParadise has just launched. Their aim is to connect influential consumers (bloggers, experts, passionate consumers…). with Brands, helping to design brand communication campaigns, using word of mouth to spread key brand messages. They are hoping to create a platform that allows opinion leaders to take part in VIP events, providing exclusive information or the ability to be the first to test products.

The business model is similar to Bzzagent where lots of consumers are recruited to test and try new products, talk about them and provide feedback to brand owners. However, BuzzParadise states that is seeks the thoughts of “Opinion leaders” or influencers .. which I think is a far more potent strategy, capitialising on word of mouth marketing.

Recruitment of “opinion leaders” can be a difficult and expensive process, but if done correctly, a very powerful extension of a marketing team.

Note: The BuzzParadise website is in French, to view in English, go to Babelfish and paste into the “Translate a webpage” section, and select French to English.
Update: English version now available

via fluido